How to custom Lumion’s original library

This video i will show you how to add more object to Lumion’s original library (not by import), and the small files size. Although I still have a small problem with the model ratio, but I’ll solve it soon, this way, we can add more other objects to Lumion’s original library, making the working and rendering faster. Link for free download some statue in this video:

ivy for Lumion free (static)

Samples ivy trees for Lumion by Lumion Easy, free download.
There are 2 versions to choose: Skp file for import into Lumion to fine-tune materials to better fit small space, Cgr file to add directly to Lumion’s original library suitable for big scenes need save machine resources. Just copy to Program Files\Lumion x.y\ArchitectEdition\Project\Nature\Leaf (or other folder in Project)
Link download cgr file:
Link download skp file:
Or you can download via Google drive: